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UK KIZOMBA CHAMPIONS 2015/17 Dance is about expressing yourself through body movement to music. The music is part of the inspiration, we all have songs that make us want to move, but is having the confidence to express yourself fully sometimes missing? But why? There is no right or wrong way as its your own personal style. How can you develop your own style? Simply experiment playfully, dance is not a test!! Just like a child discovering new food flavours, you simply expand your experiences by trying new food flavours building up your preferences as you go and even inspiring new recipes how ever bizarre. The same can be done with dance. The more styles of dance you play with the deeper your understanding of your body movement will become, you will discover more about yourself; are you a disco diva or a funky hunk!! and you will be inspired to creatively dance your dance.
Main Interests: ,Social,Meet new people,Self expression, Fun,Teaching,Dance holidays,Performance,Weekenders,Practice,Competition
Other interests: Meet new people,Social,Self expression, Fun,Teaching,Dance holidays,Performance,Weekenders
My Dance Experience: 10+ Years
How often do I dance: 3+ times a week
My Dance Level: Show