Dance, Drama, Singing and more is back on your menu  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Sat 9 Oct 2021
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Dance, Drama, Singing and more is back on your menu
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With the UK gradually and carefully coming back, A2Z.Events urges you to look after yourself and take an extra dance lesson or social event.  The hosts of activities add their own listings so you are sure to find something special.


An opportunity for you?

Our platform has been designed to connect you with the perfect healthy activity and has been doing so for the past 12 years, through sites like and
However, we now need to try and bounce beyond the pandemic, so are looking for the perfect person or team to take over. 
I will continue to run the operation till end of this year but if you are the right person to take over, you can contact me, Leigh, via our online portal or by email

If the few events and classes within this newsletter get your juices flowing but aren't in the right location or possibly clash on date, my advice, go asearching on A2Z.Events.

Westminster Scool of performing arts

The Westminster School of Performing Arts are offering a full range of lessons in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Drama, Singing, Gymnastics - full details.

Saturday live music parties at The Stoke Suite in Guildford are back

The much anticipated return of Pexava at the wonderful Conway Hall in Holburn is this Saturday - please check their site for full entry requirements bofore enjoying a fantasic night of salsa.

In Christchurch,a ballroom and Latin social is offered this Saturday.

Massive Monday in Temple

Kizomba and bachata lessons as well as salsa are on offer each Monday at Bar Salsa Temple.

Todo Latino Bar Salsa Temple

Todo Latino Tuesdays is The UKs Biggest Latin Clubnight is also based at Bar Salsa Temple, whilst Wednesday at Bar Salsa Soho is the hub of Central London Salsa lessons and party in the form of Metrolatina.

Ginga Boo Tuesday

If kizomba is your vibe, then our platform has the strongest teachers and party hosts, such as Karukera Kizomba in Surbiton on Sundays or the Tuesday night Ginga Boo, in Clapham.

El Grande In Kings Cross, salsa, bachata, kizomba

On Friday 15th October, SCALA in Kings Cross hosts a salsa/bachata/kizomba party in multiple rooms, with lessons from 9pm and social dancing till 5am.

It is live salsa band night in Richmond on Sunday 17th.

The monthly Tuesday Ballroom and Latin Tea Dance in Bournemouth is back on Tuesday 26th October.

Jazz Dance in Covent Garden

City Lit Dance, based in Covent Garden starts a course in Jazz dance on 28th October.
Jazz Dance is one of the most popular dance styles and is seen in musicals, TV and Hollywood movies. You will learn essential Jazz technique, improve dance and performance skills as well as your own confidence in this fun and creative class.

The last Saturday of the month (30th) sees the Putney monthly salsa and bachata party.

Virtual Highlights

The Brush Up Your Lindy Hop course on Sundays at 5pm will have plenty of solo 6 count,8 count & Lindy Charleston footwork so you can confidently step back on the dance floor!
Styling and drills for your mind, body & soul to improve your dancing!
Suitable for solo or couples but no partner required!


Have fun and keep healthy, 

Leigh and the A2Z.Events team

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