The May Bank Holiday Salsa in London Newsletter  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Fri 3 May 2019
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The May Bank Holiday Salsa in London Newsletter
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Welcome to new members and to those of you who enjoy the London Salsa newsletter each week. has been designed to give you exactly what you seek from your social dancing in the capital. Whether you are looking for your first lesson, an intensive course, fancy a weekender or a masterclass, it pretty much is on site.

When you are on top of the bus on Friday morning and gearing yourself up for the last day of the working week, London Bushave had enough of the local election news already, why not spin through our article base? There are tips for all level of dancer, advice on good diet to match your healthy activities.

If you are headed to the 5* congress this bank holiday weekend, enjoy.  Similarly if you are going to the Cuban Salsa Sensation Weekend in Eastbourne


Your big Friday night lesson and social dancing choices are of course on but whether you are a beginner or gradually moving up the levels, you will find tuition in Putney from the Incognito teams, with a lively social to follow.

Putney Friday night salsa lessons and social

The first Friday of the month also brings Que Rico in Balham, where salsa and bachata lessons are followed by shows and dancing till 2am.

Saturday salsa rapido at Bar Salsa Soho

Beginners are entitled to £5 off the Salsa Rapido intensive course at Bar Salsa in Soho this Saturday  You also can have a repeat for free to consolidate what you have learned.

The Saturday party in Great Portland St with Salsa Fusion includes a class and late night salsa party.


Your Sunday evening could contain live music, care of Mundo Latino in Richmond.  The band starts at 7.30pm so over 4 hours of dancing. (mention London Salsa on the door for a £2 discount).

The first of the month Fulham salsa and bachata social is this Sunday.


Being a bank holiday, I'd like to remind all to contact their teachers regarfing lessons this week, as some find their venues unavailable.


Salsa in the capital is booming midweek, with lessons for all levels and social dancing

Monday salsa and bachata at Bar Salsa Temple

Bar Salsa Temple is home to bachata and cali style salsa on Monday evening.


A brand new absolute beginners salsa 4-week course starts on Tuesday in Northfields with Pexava.

Whether you need to find your way into salsa with a free intro to dance lesson on Tuesday, or fancy a lesson in salsa or bachata or simply want to guest list dance the night away, Bar Salsa, Temple, have special offers aplenty.

Hammersmith Salsa

A free first time salsa lesson is offered on Wednesday in Hammersmith.  Why not grab a friend colleague or family member, take any of the other levels of salsa, then join your beginner friend on the lively social dance floor?

There are many special offers on Wednesdays, including a free intro to salsa session at Bar Salsa in Soho for those in the centre of town.


You can find all classes and events that are listed on also on the Global Dance Card app. Everything that appears on any of our sites, including UKDance.Events and UKSalsa.Dance, is actually posted by the teachers and promoters.

Our disappointment is that not all choose to list but may do so if you mention that it is totally free for your favourite host to add their lessons, parties, band nights, troupe performances, workshops, holidays, weekenders and courses.


Throughout May and into the future there are some fabulous opportunities to dance and often booking early gets you an early bird discount or something really quite special.

For instance Sunday May 19th, you have the opportunity to take the Thames Salsa Cruise.

Thames Salsa Cruise
Happy dancing one and all, 

Leigh and the LondonSalsa team

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