Is salsa dance hibernation nearly over?  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Sat 8 May 2021
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Is salsa dance hibernation nearly over?
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In the hope that this email finds you in good health and starting to anticipate real life salsa again.
Welcome to the May 2021 newsletter, where the London Salsa team are preparing for whatever the new normal is about to become.

We've not heard too much on the news about the outcome of dance type test events in Liverpool last weekend, so it would seem that the advertised road map for salsa in London is on track. 
No news in this instance being good news?

Many of your favourite teachers and promoters have activities in mind and are in preparation phases but are waiting to hear what they may need to do to keep us all safe.
In seven weeks time we could be dancing indoors again soon.

Whilst we've been hibernating I, like everyone, saw very few smiles both because of the lockdown but also because everyone was wearing masks.  I missed smiles and for obvious reasons had time on my hands, so came up with a project that I'm hoping you will have some fun with.

I think sunflowers make people smile.
So if there were more sunflowers this year, there would be more smiles.

To that end, through London Salsa  I'd invite you to join the Sunflower Gang.  

Can I ask you to plant one in a window or garden, perhaps give one as a gift, pop a seed into an unloved part of London or get permission to grow one at work.
The only objective of the gang is to put smiles on peoples faces.
And let's face it, salsa dancers know how to smile!.

If you like the concept that we are building a bee highway and simultaneously a collaborative piece of living art, then please invite others to also participate.
And please join the Sunflower Gang Facebook Group.

If you really don't like the concept, won't or can't participate by planting a seed or two, please still smile whenever you see one this summer.


 I wasn't the only one who needed a distraction over the last year.
Two of London's favourite teachers and dance scene favourite partners have been busy writing books.

I'll be honest and say that I haven't read either yet, leaving them as treats for the summer in the sun.
However I'd urge you to buy a copy just because you have loved their smiles at salsa events in the past.

Cyberia by Tim Rowe

Wanderlust by Laura Callus 

Laura Callas and Tim Rowe books

New to the site this week, I promised Alex a mention in the newsletter for her Salsa Body Movement & styling online course starting on Wednesday 12th May, suitable for beginners and those looking to get salsa ready for the summer.

I also promised Rosaria that I'd introduce her real life Authentic Jazz & Charleston dance class with Swingout and Shimmy class from 5.30-7pm in Liverpool Street each Monday, starting on 17th May.

As each teacher and promoter discovers a formula to give you a safe dance experience, our scene will gradually return, giving both your body and mind a dose of positivity and joy.

It is a long time since I've been able to say this but hopefully see you on a dance floor soon, 

Leigh and the London Salsa Team

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