Treat yourself to salsa this week.  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Thu 28 Feb 2019
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Treat yourself to salsa this week.
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This time last year the Beast for the East was ravishing our dance calendar but this year London has been bathed in sunshine for February. The weather forecast may be gloomy but your local dance floor will continue to be warm and welcoming.

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Teachers and the party hosts are invited to list free, so if your favourite has forgotten to add something, please do prompt them.

Dancing gives.
It gives us smiles.
It gives us companionship.
It helps keep us fit.
You deserve that buzz of joy.
Treat yourself to an extra lesson or dance till late this weekend.


March is filled with activities for all levels.  Whether you are looking to take your first salsa steps, on your salsa journey or already a guru, London Salsa aims to help you find what you seek.

Last chance to get earlybird tickets for the TLC Salsa, Kizomba, Tango, Swing Ball on Saturday March 30th in Winchester.

Winchester Ball

You can claim £10 off the Cuban Salsa Sensation Weekend at York House Hotel, Eastbourne on May 3-5th.


If that isn't enough information, head back to the site!

Happy Dancing,

Leigh and the LondonSalsa team


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